Peyne & Truth


★★★★★ Well thought-through plot line, and great character development. I was hooked very early on and wanted to know more.

★★★★★ Marie is an admirable and tough character and the storyline was interesting and entertaining. Worth a read!

★★★★★ I absolutely loved this book…interesting storyline….love the characters

★★★★★ The plot is gripping and full of twists! Fab reading!

★★★★★ I was hooked the whole way through.

★★★★★ Intriguing from the beginning and engaging… Every chapter lets you eager for more. Looking forward to the second book!

After a troubled youth, Marie has finally found balance in her life. Or so she thought. But when her husband’s body turns up dead in a warehouse, everything she worked so hard to achieve crumbles. The police are searching in the wrong places and her friends seem too ready to forget. But she can’t have another question unanswered, not again. And just like that she goes back to her old ways.

However, this time is different. She’s not a teenager anymore and she has a life to protect, but is sheer determination enough to solve this mystery? It better be, because she’s the only one determined enough to find out the truth, as painful as it might be. 

Alexandra Marie Peyne’s intriguing mystery, and the set of well defined and interesting characters will leave you wanting more. Peyne and Truth is the first novel on a new mystery series.

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